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Increase Lender Efficiency

Reduce closing times and streamline workflow with Validata Lender Services. As a residential appraisal management company, Validata facilitates a nationwide network of state certified appraisers that are experienced in their local market. We are a one stop shop for appraisal, flood determination, document preparation and income verification services. Quick turnaround times and outstanding customer service sets us apart from the standard bundled service providers. Whether you are looking for a simple flood certification or a full appraisal report, turn to Validata for a timely and efficient response.
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Use Validata to order multiple services through one system and eliminate duplicate data entry. Competitive and accurate pricing allow for more accurate costs estimates. And, rest assured that compliance requirements are always up to date.
Experience the Latest Technology
Validata's customized system provides seamless integration with your current mortgage platform. From online payment and billing systems, to real time status and reporting, Validata breaks through the technology barriers that most bundled service providers face.

What Others Say About Us:

"VALIDATA LENDER SERVICES is a trusted partner in our industry. By using a bundled approach, our processors are more efficient and that allows us time to focus on what is most important - gaining new customers. Whether I need an appraisal in Michigan or a flood cert in California, I can count on my dedicated team at Validata for a fast turnaround."

- Branch Manager, Nationwide Mortgage Lender