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About Validata

Validata Lender Services, founded in 2007, was initially formed in order to provide back end support for a large nationwide mortgage lender. Our lender partner faced challenges with billing issues and loan officer responsibility for ordering appraisals. This led to the creation of a back end appraisal management program, with an enhanced ability to locate new appraisers, approve appraisers, and seamlessly bill and manage the entire appraisal process. Later, the Validata framework was utilized to form the basis of an HVCC compliant platform which allows lenders to seamlessly comply with existing and new statutory regulations in over 40 states.

We are now able to customize our services and our system to each unique lender client. Our dedication to quality and accountability, as well as our respectful relationships with qualified appraisers has allowed us to grow into a trusted national appraisal management provider.